Monday, January 21, 2008

Hollywood: How the American Movie Industry was Born

Say "Hollywood" and the words film and television are the first to be associated with the place. A district in Los Angeles in the western United States, Hollywood pretty much encompasses what the American film and television industry is all about. Probably all functions that are required to make a film product can be found in this one location. This includes filming in studios, film editing, post-production and even casting of actors.

Hollywood is every actor's dream. It has given fame and fortune to many names and faces for almost a century. The place has produced hundreds of hit movies, making it the movie capital of the world. This is one of the reasons why many aspiring actors across America try their luck out in Hollywood. They gain quite a decent living off of acting for films and various television shows that are produced there.

The name Hollywood was already existent long before it became synonymous to being a movie powerhouse. In fact, Hollywood wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for a small troop of actors that ventured into it in 1910. The place was a small village just north of Los Angeles. The very first movie to be filmed there was In Old California. After rumors spread out that California was such a great place to shoot movies, directors from all over America began to bring their projects out west into Hollywood. This is how the American Movie Industry was born.

Today, most motion picture productions still happen in and about Hollywood. But major picture houses have had to build their properties in other place surrounding Hollywood because of the lack of real estate. At present, the only studio left within the limits of Hollywood is Paramount Studios. Other landmarks that can be found are the Kodak Theater and the Hollywood Hotel, which is now home to the famous Oscars. The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame can also be found there.
Honorees receive a star based on their lifetime as actors and that star is placed into the ground on the walkway. It forever immortalizes them as key contributors to the success of the film industry.

Aside from being the film industry's powerhouse in movie making and television programming, Hollywood is also home to many venues and theaters that host award shows like the Academy Awards. It is popular among tourists and is known to have one of the best nightlife recreation facilities in the world. For the tourists, they also make their way around the area hoping just to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars that are more than likely to appear on the streets. Music studios have also set up their businesses in Hollywood. One of the most famous companies is Capitol Records on Vine Street. So aside from the growing number of actors and actresses, there is also room for musicians to make their mark in entertainment. And entertainment is what Hollywood is all about.

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